Comfort in their Journey was founded by Trish based on her experience of caring for her parents, one with Alzheimer's, and designed to provide a practical guide to providing dignified care through end of life.

During her caregiving experience, Trish found that she also needed to make not only dignified care, but also life and death decisions, under pressure with limited understanding and inadequate information. After finishing a caregiving shift, she often spent the next shift researching and educating herself on the terminology and topics needed for the next day's challenges. Although there are hundreds of books and organizations offering pieces of the information, she found that what she really needed was a guide: a clear, concise and usable quick reference that did not exist.


After the passing of both of her parents within eight months, needing rest and rejuvenation, Trish had thoughts of walking away from her experience with her parents and entering retirement. But life sent her others in need of help: her mother-in-law, a dear friend and an aunt, to name a few, and she began to hear stories of others lost on their caregiving path. She could not ignore the calling that others needed the information and experience that she had amassed in over 12,000+ hours of working with those living with Alzheimer's, in need of care, and at the end of their lives.

Comfort in their Journey was created to provide lists and bullet points, terminology, things to consider, questions to ask, and leads to follow. It offers you the opportunity to thrive throughout a process that is often traumatic and stressful and allows little time to research before making critical decisions. It offers you the opportunity to know the options and to make informed decisions: to think and then to take action.

Comfort in their Journey consists of a three-book series, including, A Most Meaningful Life, Peaceful Endings and Through the Rabbit Hole; presentations and workshops based on the books; and consulting services. More information on all aspects can be found elsewhere on this site.