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Trish's initial expertise is based on providing care for her parents, one with Alzheimer's, through the end of their lives. Since then she has guided many through the process. Her experience comes from both overseeing care and making daily decisions from within the trench.

  • Alzheimer's: From Fear to Possibility

    Trish speaks from her personal experience of caring for her dad to ensure not only his quality of life but its meaning. She starts with an understanding of what Alzheimer's is, separating myth from fact, how to create a plan for living with the new normal, and then leaves her audience with the optimism of limitless possibilities.     Keynote or Workshop

  • Embracing Alzheimer's: Connection and Care

    Every day that Trish cared for her dad while he was living with Alzheimer's, she began with a ritual that set the tone and re-established their connection.  Speaking from experience, Trish is able to share the specifics of what she did to be successful in reaching her goal of protecting her dad's quality of life with meaning.     Keynote or Presentation

  • Providing Care, Containing Crises

    Most caregiving journeys start unexpectedly and often with trauma and a resultant crisis. Crisis management tools are paramount to your ability to get the situation under control and maintain stability. Preparation is also critical. Having been in the trench, Trish is able to take you through the process of preparing to provide care and to pre-empt the crisis.    Keynote or Presentation

  • The Quick Guide to Understanding Estate Planning

    Dealing with estate planning, simple or complex, is like entering a world using a different language. It is difficult to even know what to ask, let alone to understand what is be being said in the answer. The need to understand the estate of another is often acquired under stress and even during crisis. It is important to help another during an illness or end of life, but also to complete your own estate plan, which is the best gift you can give your loved ones.    Keynote or Workshop

  • Movement as Medicine

    Surviving any crisis is about knowing the options and making good decisions. Thriving is about how you recharge, rather than endure. What's your medicine? Movement is mine.     Movement class based on The Nia Technique

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