What does family caregiving have to do with your business or organization?

The cost of lost productivity or replacement of full-time employees who are family caregivers is estimated to be at least $33 billion annually and rapidly increasing. That figure does not include the increase in business health care costs due to caregiver stress-related illness. And, these figures do not include others costs such as the loss of knowledge and experience that leaves with an employee when they feel that they can longer juggle their job and caregiving responsibilities. Nor does it include the missed opportunity for hiring a desired future employee who is looking for a company that fully addresses their current family caregiving responsibility or future concerns. Furthermore, with the increase in life expectancy and the projections for future Alzheimer’s diagnoses alone, these costs to businesses are set to rise at a staggering rate.

What can be done to mitigate the losses that businesses experience?

Some businesses have started to address this issue by implementing programs such as flex schedules and part-time options. A few progressive employers have begun to offer on-site elder care. But there is much more that needs to be done to mitigate the costs.

Trish understands the caregiving process from initial medical crisis through end of life, as well as its impact on employees and businesses. Her approach is one that allows employees to thrive and businesses to minimize their losses.

Trish offers a businesses a complete and customizable solution to the challenge.  

  • Presentations and workshops based on her three-book series. The presentations and workshops provide resources and guidance that empower employees to thrive throughout their caregiving journey.

  • Teaches employees how to have conversations with management about their situations, responsibilities and challenges.

  • Trish addresses management training to encourage conversations that most effectively support the employee.

  • Customized business services can include individual consulting for employees.

  • Customized business services can include book purchases in quantities, with or without an inscription indicating this is a gift from the company.

  • Subscription to newsletter that offers tips and resources.

  • Access to a caregiving information and resource database.

Offering a comprehensive solution to assist employee family caregivers with work-life balance will reduce the associated costs, help retain valued employees and attract the most sought after future employees.


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