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INTRODUCTION ... into the rabbit hole

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In the Spring of 2012, my family was unexpectedly thrown headlong into the world of senior care. What was to have been a five-day skilled nursing rehabilitation stay for my father turned in to a nine-week odyssey. My family was totally unprepared to navigate the workings and nuances of Medicare, secondary insurance, long-term care insurance, rehabilitation and long-term care facilities, care provider agencies and independent caregivers, to name a few. I realize that our situation may have been exacerbated because my dad was living with Alzheimer’s Disease, but I also know our experience was universal and was what anyone with the responsibility for overseeing and/or providing care for another person would ultimately face.

Through the Rabbit Hole serves as a guide through the labyrinth that is health care today. It offers information, tools and options that will help make the decisions that result in providing your loved one the care and end of life that they desire. The author shares her family's experience and what they learned to make a difficult situation less stressful and emotionally wrenching for others.


The work is done for you

This book saves stress and time for caregivers. Laub clearly did comprehensive research to find the answers to her questions while simultaneously caring for both of her parents. She also looked for practical and easily applicable solutions to day-to-day problems that arise in caregiving. And it's all in the book. Whether you want to know who the various hospital personnel are, how to care for a catheter to avoid infection or what to know about purchasing a hospital bed for the home, the answer is quickly found in "Through the Rabbit Hole: navigating the maze of providing care."

-R.G., family caregiver