The Comfort in Their Journey book series offers concise yet comprehensive information for caregivers of persons living with Alzheimer's disease or other catastrophic health conditions, as well as terminal illnesses that make end-of-life care appropriate and necessary. The purpose is to help caregivers, particularly those taking the emotional journey with loved ones, avoid constant trauma and panic through demystifying the medical environment and offering guidance on plans and strategies to ensure the most compassionate care. A personal story is shared to be illustrative in many ways, especially so the reader feels less alone and can learn from things that worked for one family.

While the books are valuable individually, they are even more effective as a set. Each of the three books in the series offers a different purpose and perspective, with as little repetition of topics as possible.  The Notes to the Reader and Preface, as well as the Postscript and Other Resources sections are the same in the three books. Each book has a Final Thoughts and additional reading chapter specific to that book's content.


The three volumes which comprise the Comfort in Their Journey series are somewhat of an encyclopedia of caregiving. It was written by Trish Laub as a result of her experiences caring for her father who suffered from Alzheimer's. The series embraces every aspect of family caregiving, from the practical to the emotional, from diagnosis through death, and how Trish and her sisters aided their mother, the well spouse. 

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Trish's book series opens up a world that has too long been set aside...the world of the caregiver and family member. She invites us into her personal journey and provides compelling data and guidance for this too frequently difficult journey. A 'must-read' for anyone, for everyone...

-S.O., PA-C


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